New IRIX Tardist: MPlayer 0.90pre8


Note: MPlayer 0.90pre8 has been removed as Timo has created a new tardist of Mplayer v0.90rc3 which makes this version obsolete. Please see his comments here for the new download link.

I recently came across a tardist of MPlayer 0.90pre8, a popular multimedia player for Linux (in fact, the official site calls it "Movie Player for LINUX"). It's not the most recent version currently available, but seems to work quite well.

This tardist depends on SDL-1.2.3 from SGI's Freeware site so grab that if haven't already. Until the new IrixDiVX is released this is the best solution for DiVX playback under IRIX. Thanks go out to timo for providing this tardist to the SGI community!

For OS X users, MPlayer 0.90pre9b5 is now available and sports a completely retooled GUI. You can see what it looks like in my latest OS X desktop screenshot (also linked in the sidebar).


Love your IRIX stuff! Didn't know that you're a Mac user as well... ^^ Keep up the good work

Hi. This tardist is not working for me. It has some weird bugs when running mplayer. However compiling mplayer on IRIX yourself is quite easy. 0.90pre8 can be done without errors, and 0.90pre10 seems to require a bit more tweaking, but anyone can do it easily. I'm looking into making mplayer more IRIX-friendly myself and started to be a little bit active on the mplayer development mailinglist too, but its a heavy learning and studying path. Ohwell. It's all for the best.

If you can describe the problems you're having I can walk you through troubleshooting them; I was able to run without issues though I did need to repair some symbolic links (libSDL related). It does require a MIPS4 machine (R5000 or better); what machine are you running it on?

Thanks for distributing my old tardist ;-)

Not a problem! I wasn't sure where it came from originally or I would have given you credit in the post (sorry about that!) If you have any other tardists you're looking to distribute let me know; I'd be happy to host them.

heh, naa.. I didn't intend to criticize you, I was
just a bit amused to stumble across it here ;-)
Very nice site btw :-)

Ah I found the problem here.
I found some error. And it seemed that the /usr/freeware/lib32/ file was 0 bytes in size. removing it and making it a symlink to /usr/freeware/lib32/ solved the problem.
Well... I get the commandline parameters now. Not tested any further. (I'm not quite sure if this is a good way to solve the problem anyway :-)

Well... think I'll have to look a bit into how to make tardists myself. Would be handy.
By the way: I run on an o2 r5000 180 MHz.
And euhm... if anyone has an r5200 300 MHz hanging around, let me know, I'm looking for one ;-)

That was the issue I had as well though in my case I needed to additionally remove /usr/freeware/lib64/ and symlink to /usr/freeware/lib64/ ... the tardist for SDL-1.2.3 is supposed to link those files automatically and isn't doing it.

Heck I'd just be happy to have an O2 (yes I want one) :) Let me know what sort of DiVX performance you get on that machine ... if you need a test file I can provide one. The Indigo2 is too slow at decoding to be useful.

I'm just having compatiblity problems with any divx's that I have, none of them seem to be in a compatible format. If you could provide a test file I would be most appreciative. I'm running an O2 R5K 200 currently.

I'll set something up for you to download when I get off work this evening and send you an e-mail with the particulars.

I managed to get it working with the test video, but it was still quite slow. Being as the software was written for Linux I don't think it makes use of the ICE in the O2, which could explain the speed.

DivX on o2 is very slow. Not realy useful. And my Indigo2 is even slower. If someone knows a way to make it faster it would be great, but I don't think there is any software around that makes good use of the hardware when playing divx.

I have installed your tardist of MPlayer 0.90pre8 in my O2 and Octane machines. It does not work in both machines when I use it to open any video files (mpeg, avi or mov format). It simply shows the following lines and waits indefinitely:
Reading /usr/people/has/.mplayer/codecs.conf: parse error at line 1251
Reading /usr/local//etc/mplayer/codecs.conf: 38 audio & 106 video codecs
font: can't open file: /usr/people/has/.mplayer/font/font.desc
Font /usr/local//share/mplayer/font/font.desc loaded successfully! (206 chars)
Using usleep() timing
However, I have tried to compile the latest mplayer-0.90rc2. Although I got some minor problems (ie. without the libpng support), I could run the program (with gui)for some video formats but there is no sound output. Please comment. thanks


I'm afraid I can't be of much help; I didn't compile/create the original tardist and have not tried compiling any DiVX software for IRIX myself. My test results with I2/IMPACT were successful insomuch as the test file played without frame corruption with good sound output, but the framerate was far too low to be useful. I'm waiting until I get a more powerful machine (Octane) before I dig into this too much ... I already have several non-SGI machines capable of DiVX playback :)

I am thinking about getting an sgi O2. Do you think the hardware (R5k, 192 MHz, 150 MB RAM, Media Connector Card, 16" SGI Hires TFT Display) will be fast enough to play divx and dvd movies?


No, not with an R5K O2. The CPU isn't fast enough and nothing out there takes advantage of the extra hardware for DiVX playback.

- An o2 r5k is not fast enough for playing DivX.
- SGI Audio output is broken in mplayer as of mplayer 0.90pre9. You should download the pre8 and compile it yourself then. Works safe and sound here.

Well, I have an Octane R10000@250 MHz machine with ESI graphics installed. Would divx run good on my machine? I also have 512 MB of RAM and IRIX64 6.5.9m installed.

DivX on SGI's seem to be a lost cause at the moment. My Octane at home is an R10000 250mhz with 640mb memory and ESI graphics set with trams fitted. Mplayer still runs like a dog at most things :-( Irixdivx runs quite slow on my O2 (r10000 225mhz 1Gb memory and 18Gb disk). Not impressive at all on any sgi I've played with. Even my Onyx runs slow with mplayer and I've retired it to cracking passwords it's so slow at playing movies (lots of cpu's but poor graphics performance). I really hope someone will figure out how to get an Octane to play movies soon. I have almost 500Gb's of divx movies and would like to be able to watch them on my SGI's but at present have to watch them on my linux laptop :-( . Has anyone out there had any sucess with watching movies on an SGI? Realplayer files run great on my O2 and Octane. Perhaps I sould try to convert all my files into ram format. Hay brainwave........ why not just decompress divx files to uncompressed video then watch it! We could write a script to decompress the files to /tmp then view the movie from there. Far far less cpu use :-) Must think of a way to do it. Has anyone elce tried that before?

Khalid Schofield

Ever hopeful that we will crack this prob :->


I'd be quite interested in finding out about any updates on the IRIX side of things. I'm running an Octane with ESI graphics, adn a 250mhz R10000. It'd be nice if we could get divx, and other formats to play at a respectable speed. my other computer is an Apple Powerbook Firewire 400, runing OS X 10.2.6, and it just bombs at playing some divx files.

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