HotMix CDs


Last week I stopped off at SGI's campus in Mountain View and picked up a few classic HotMix CD-ROMs to give away to site readers. For those unfamiliar with HotMix, they are (were) promotional CDs containing demo and trial versions of commerical software for IRIX.

Here's where I need some assistance; how best should I give these out? I've considered giving them away for tip/article contributions, or perhaps open a guest screenshot gallery where we could have some friendly competition. At any rate, I'm willing to pick up shipping for those located in the US/Canada.


I'd say, if you've got (at least) three, run one for each of three different categories:
1) Most useful tip/article
2) Niftiest screenshot
3) Most massive donation of cash.. (maybe you can get Ryouku running again :)

Just my twisted thinking.. :)

I think you are very capable of deciding very well which visitors of your site are worth such a cd.
Based on the amount/quality of feedback they give.

I am not such a fan of contest related things myself. I'm more the 'you can proof yourself by just being yourself' type :)

Could you post the cd's as .iso.bz2 files somewhere?
... and tell the location/pass just to the site readers :)

Random draw!! Entry being a tip/advice/wallpaper :P
And can ppl from oversea get access to the ISO :D

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