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While monitoring my weblogs the other day I noticed quite a few hits from an ArsTechnica forum thread titled What is the most attractive OS?. Apparently one of the debaters linked some of my screenshots along with a caption trumping IRIX as one of the more attractive OS/UI combos on the market. Of course, this was immediately leapt upon as one might expect, with one poster claiming that the presence of anime backgrounds alone does not a pretty OS make.

I made my opinion on this matter known in the thread itself, but let me restate it here: my website is not designed to dress up IRIX with anime and try to sell it as something beautiful, it was created to show IRIX in action, performing tasks which hopefully will be of interest to IRIX hobbyists while providing links to useful software. The anime in some of my screenshots is a matter of personal taste; I have anime on all my systems, whether they be Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.; that is the way I am and I'm not changing any time soon.

On another related note, please don't link my images directly in the future. You may use them elsewhere, but host them yourself. If this continues I'll lock it down. Thanks.



Sorry about that. I linked those images on ars after pulling them up using the google image search.

I am currently running Indigo2, O2, Octane, and O200 hardware on my home network - it is nice to see that there are other IRIX enthusiasts out there. Sadly SGI has cut off free access to the maintenance stream through supportfolio online, so I imagine the number of non-commercial IRIX users will soon start to diminish (though the constantly improving Linux to MIPS ports e.g. Debian should ensure that the hardware continues to run for some time yet).

It's not as bad as all that ... SGI still provides free security patches and allows access to newer M stream releases as those security patches require. It certainly won't drive people to using Linux on an SGI. That's that PeeCees are for.

The other thing to consider is that /all/ m-streams will remain available, but only after it's three generations old...

(ie: if the latest m-stream available to customers is 6.5.25m, then you'll have free access to the 6.5.22m overlay...better late than never, I guess.. :)

Nice images BTW. Good for you for putting your Anime where you like it.

IRIX is a fine OS. At home I have Indy and Indigo 2. Work O2 + O2000.

Wanted to comment briefly about the support for IRIX 'm' releases.

You can sign up for a developer online account and then register a supportfolio account from the developer one.

This gets you 'm' release access. Not a bad trade if you ask me. Just write something, or plan on it, for SGI systems and they will let you keep the machine up to date.

Great site BTW...

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