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August 15, 2003

New IRIX Tardist: glTron-0.62

squeen comes through again with another quality game tardist - glTron 0.62!

What is it? "Well, as the name suggests, it's inspired by the movie TRON. Or more exactly, by all the games that where inspired by the movie TRON. You steer a futuristic bike, called lightcycle. Combat takes place in a rectangular arena. Your bike leaves a trail behind, which is like a wall. The goal is to force the other players to drive into a wall. The winner is the last player alive. "

More information on glTron can be found on the project web site.

As always, have fun!

Note: Audio apparently does not work in this release. More information can be found in this forum thread.


glTron-0.62 (tardist) - 3.8MB

Posted by nekonoko at August 15, 2003 7:42 PM