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January 11, 2003

SGI Freeware February 2003 Posted

SGI has posted the February 2003 Freeware archive online. You can check it out at the usual place: http://freeware.sgi.com.

The February 2003 update to the SGI IRIX Freeware Project is available from http://freeware.sgi.com/. The distribution contains over 445 freeware packages built for IRIX 6.5. New additions in this release are:

fw_Guppi Guppi-0.40.3 GNOME plotting tool
fw_atk atk-1.0.3 GTK2 Accessibility Toolkit
fw_bonobo-conf bonobo-conf-0.16 Bonobo Configuration System
fw_epm epm-3.5.1-source ESP Package Manager
fw_evolution evolution-1.2.0 Personal Information Management Client
fw_gaim gaim-0.59.6 Multi-protocol Instant Messaging Client
fw_galculator galculator-0.8 GTK2 Calculator
fw_glib2 glib2-2.0.6 Abstract data type library
fw_gtk2+ gtk2+-2.0.6 GIMP Toolkit
fw_gtkhtml gtkhtml-1.1.6 lightweight html rendering engine
fw_mcrypt mcrypt-2.6.3 multi-algorithm replacement for crypt
fw_mhash mhash-0.8.17 multi-algorithm strong hash library
fw_mminstance mminstance-1.18 multiple master fonts utilities
fw_nut nut-1.2.1 Network UPS Tools
fw_pan pan-0.13.3 Gnome Based Newsreader
fw_pango pango-1.0.5 GTK2 Core and Text Font Handling
fw_sodipodi sodipodi-0.28 Vector Based Illustrator Program
fw_soup soup-0.7.4 SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
fw_xmahjongg xmahjongg-3.6.1 Colorful solitaire Mah Jongg game
fw_xmame xmame-0.61.1 Multi Arcade Machine Emulator

Updated packages are:

fw_abiword abiword-1.0.3 GTK+/GNOME word processor
fw_analog analog-5.30 HTTPD log file analyer
fw_apache apache_1.3.27 Apache Web Server
fw_autoconf autoconf-2.54 source configuration tool
fw_bash bash-2.05b GNU bourne again shell
fw_cups cups-1.1.18 Common UNIX Printing System
fw_expat expat-1.95.5 XML parser library
fw_fetchmail fetchmail-6.2.0 POP/IMAP Online/offline mail client
fw_fltk fltk-1.1.2 C++ GUI toolkit
fw_gal gal-0.21 GNOME Application Library
fw_gcc gcc-3.2.1 GNU Compiler Suite
fw_gdb gdb-5.3 GNU debugger
fw_gettext gettext-0.11.5 GNU message catalog utilities
fw_gftp gftp-2.0.14 GTK+ based ftp client
fw_ghostscript ghostscript-7.05 PostScript viewer with fonts
fw_gifsicle gifsicle-1.35 GIF file swiss knife
fw_gimp-print gimp-print-4.2.4 print facility for GIMP and CUPS
fw_glib glib-1.2.10 Abstract data type library
fw_gnumeric gnumeric-1.0.11 GNOME spreadsheet program
fw_gnupg gnupg-1.2.1 GNU Privacy Guard
fw_gtk+ gtk+-1.2.10 GIMP Toolkit
fw_html2ps html2ps-1.0b3 HTML to Postscript converter
fw_htmldoc htmldoc-1.8.23 convert HTML to PDF or PostScript
fw_less less-378 a more-like file browser
fw_libgeotiff libgeotiff-1.1.4 GeoTIFF tags manipulation library
fw_libglade libglade-0.17 GNOME user interface loader
fw_libiconv libiconv-1.8 character set conversion library
fw_libmcrypt libmcrypt-2.5.3 multi-algorithm crypt library
fw_message-passing-helpers Wrapper libraries for SGI's MPI library
fw_mm mm-1.2.1 Shared memory library
fw_mod_ssl mod_ssl-2.8.12-1.3.27 SSL support for sgi_apache
fw_mpage mpage-2.5.3 multiple pages per sheet on PS printer
fw_mysql mysql-3.23.54a MySQL relational database
fw_nedit nedit-5.3 X based text editor
fw_openssh openssh-3.5p1 secure rsh, rcp replacements
fw_php php-4.2.3 Hypertext Processor http-server scripting
fw_pine pine-4.51 email/news client
fw_plan plan-1.8.4 Calendar/reminder tool
fw_proj proj-4.4.5 Cartographic projection library
fw_pspell pspell-.12.2 portable spell checker interface
fw_pspell-ispell pspell-ispell-.12 ispell plugin module for pspell
fw_readline readline-4.3 GNU command line prompt libraries
fw_sane-backends sane-backends-1.0.9 SANE scanner library backends
fw_sane-frontends sane-frontends-1.0.9 SANE scanner library frontends
fw_socks5 socks5-v1.0r11 socks5 proxy server and clients
fw_ted ted-2.12 An easy rich text processor
fw_x11-ssh-askpass x11-ssh-askpass- X11 OpenSSH passwd prompter
fw_xmbase-grok xmbase_grok-1.5 Motif personal database, phone-book
fw_xmcd xmcd-3.2.0 CD player/ripper with CDDB support
fw_xmms xmms-1.2.7 X11-based sound module player
fw_xpp xpp-1.1 X Printing Panel for CUPS
fw_xsane xsane-0.89 SANE graphical frontend
samba Samba Version 2.2.7a

Posted by nekonoko at January 11, 2003 4:12 AM


Woot! PAN! Happy...I've got a killer newsreader finally! :)

Sometimes SGI, their politics, internal strife, and eagerness to squeeze blood out of end users annoys me...but I'll take this sort of end user support over the M$ stick any day! All going out and building freeware and useful toys for us... :)

Posted by: Slide at January 11, 2003 6:28 PM

Also, they've compiled Xmame :)

Posted by: Simon at January 12, 2003 3:55 AM