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Please update this page. For now see VPro wiki topic.

IRIX support

Support for the V6 and V8 first appeared in IRIX 6.5.8.

V6/V8 Pixel Clock Issues

The first generation of VPro boards (V6 & V8) have a design flaw that prohibits graphics modes in much of what might otherwise be considered the normal range for SGI desktop systems:

  • Modes in the 109-193MHz range cannot be selected at all on V6/V8.
  • Modes that are close to the lower end of that range (like 1280x1024_59/60) are only allowed at 8 bytes/pixel framebuffer size and even at that setting some people reported display problems (noise, flickering).

Pertinent nekochan.net discussions about these issues can be found here and here.

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