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IRIX machines: Indigo2 with R4400 250MHz, 128MB RAM, 36GB hard disk, IRIX 6.5.22 Fuel with R16K 700MHz, 4GB RAM, 146GB hard drive, IRIX 6.5.30

Others set up for use: Acorn RiscPC - 'Kinetic' CPU module (StrongARM on a daughtercard with local 66MHz memory); RISC OS 4.39 in ROM - I could upgrade to 6.20 but spent the money on bits for the SGI's instead! Saintsong EspressoPC - book-sized PC in two parts: processor / memory / HDD /IO module and an add-on module with DVD/CDRW and floppy; the Via C3 CPU is becoming a pain as it lacks a crucial instruction for full 686 compatibility - a 486 kernel works fine but some binary-only packages (e.g. Adobe Flash plugin) are now 686-only Raspberry Pi - ARMv5 SoC running Raspbian (based on Debian 'wheezy')

Others under the bed: Acorn A5000 - ARM3 plus FPA11, 8MB RAM, Syquest SQ3270A, ST52520A Acorn A540 - ARM3 plus FPA10, 16MB, 1GB HDD Acorn R140 - ARM3, 4MB, 2xST51080N