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This is an SGI wiki... Would be better if this topic was more SGI orientated. I have FC JBODs on Tezro, o300s and Onyx2 others use it on Octanes and the like. Discreet Logic systems tend to come with FC arrays so are not so uncommon on SGIs.

With regards to this wiki, I don't tend to care about Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD although I used them on a daily basis. This is an SGI wiki.

Do not add pages without a category... the wiki was a mess and I spent 2 to 3 weeks every day adding every page into a category.

See also this page ... Editing_the_Nekochan_Wiki

Any questions talk to the site owner.

Intention of the topic

The intention I originally had with this page was to provide a how-to for a setup to replace or to be an alternative to the hardware FC enclosures which are widely used. Since this a somewhat awkward procedure if you don't work that often with the OSes which provide this feature I thought that there is a certain interest in this. Especially because there are much SGI machines which have FC HBAs installed. I have thought about it as a way for those who might try out FC but don't want to buy FC disks and enclosures.
I don't know if this the right place for a full, step-by-step howto... Maybe it will be better to only give a short overview about the setups that are known to work with Irix?
Recommendations and ideas are welcome!
Voralyan 10:17, 11 January 2011 (PST)