Share files from other computers via NFS

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On the Solaris box you need to use "share", eg share -F nfs /the/path

General eg Linux

If you are not using Solaris: With a text editor add the directory to /etc/exports on the machine you want to share..

Client side on IRIX

Then on IRIX use need to have a mountpoint (empty directory), then do mount -t nfs otherhost:/the/path /mountpoint

Where otherhost is the name or IP addrss of the machine you want the files from.


irix# mkdir /linux-data

irix:regan> ssh regan@linux

linux:regan> sudo mount /data

linux:regan> sudo vi /etc/exports

irix# mount -t nfs linux:/data /linux-data

irix:regan> df -h

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