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The UUCP (Unix-to-Unix Copy) subsystem is one of the oldest sets of communications tools available to Unix and Unix-like systems. It contains several programs that allow remote execution of commands and transfer of files, email and netnews between computers. While most of these tools are rarely used in modern environments, UUCP's cu tool (cu = "Connect Unix" or sometimes "Call Up") remains useful for interactive serial communications. The cu tool commonly is used to enable a Unix system, like an Indy or O2, to behave as a serial terminal of another system, like a Challenge or Origin server.

While the IRIX UUCP subsystem (eoe.sw.uucp) is included on IRIX installation media (in IRIX 6.5, it is on the "Foundation 1" CD-ROM), it is not part of a default IRIX installation. To install UUCP (and therefore cu) in IRIX 6.5.x, load at least the Foundation 1 CD-ROM and any necessary overlay CDs using the inst or swmgr programs. If using swmgr, use the "Show Subsystems" view to access the eoe.sw.uucp (also known as "UUCP Execution Environment"). Select it and proceed with installation. Alternately, using the inst command, enter the following:

k *
i eoe.sw.uucp

Once installed, cu can be invoked on the IRIX command line to start a serial session. For example, to connect over tty port 0,

cu -l /dev/ttys0 -s 384000

Extract from man page



     cu - call another UNIX system


     cu [options]  [-s speed]   -l line
     cu [options]  [-s speed]  [-l line] [-n] telno
     cu [options]  systemname

     where options can be any of:
         [-h]  [-d]  [-o | -e]  [-c class]

Other notes

Octanes can do 38.4kbps. Make sure that /etc/uucp/Devices and /etc/uucp/Systems on the Octane are properly configured.

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