SGI Origin 300

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The SGI Origin300 was released October 9, 2001 as a mid-range server for technical computing and media applications. An Origin300 compute node consists of a 2U-high system that contains 2 or 4 64-bit MIPS microprocessors and up to 4GB of local memory.

A Single-System Image Origin300 consists of up to 8 compute node "bricks" with 32 processors and 32GB of shared memory in a single rack using cache-coherent NUMA technology.

System Architecture

The Origin300 uses an IP45 mainboard housing the following components:

  • 2 or 4 MIPS Microprocessors (with independant secondary cache)
  • Four Dual inline memory module (DIMM) slots organized in banks of two
  • The Xbridge ASIC that interfaces between the Bedrock ASIC and PCI slots
  • The Bedrock hub carrying traffic between the processors, memory and I/O devices
  • EEPROM containing the system's Serial ID
  • L1 Controller
  • Five Voltage Regulation Modules
  • Two NUMALink 3 LEDs and Four hearbeat LEDs