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*DM6 Standard-Definition Digital I/O
*DM6 Standard-Definition Digital I/O
*DM8 Audio Card
*DM8 Audio Card
*[[DM10]] 1394 (FireWire) Card. 400 Mps
*[[DM10]] 1394 (FireWire) Card. 400 Mbps
Audio PCI Cards
Audio PCI Cards

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General information

The Silicon Graphics Fuel, introduced in 2002, is the successor to the O2 as an entry-level workstation.

System architecture

Fuel shares the IP35-architecture with Origin 300, Origin 3000, Onyx 3000 and Tezro systems.

CPU options

There are 4 DIMM slots on the motherboard and memory is expandable to 4 GB using DDR-SDRAM DIMMs.


  • PS2 Mouse/Keyboard ports
  • One 10BaseT/100BaseT Ethernet
  • Two serial RS232 ports (DB9)
  • One single bidirectional parallel port
  • Two USB ports
  • 4 PCI slots: 2x 66MHz and 2x 33MHz 64bit
  • 2 Internal SCSI Controllers QL12160


The VPro graphics chipset that SGI started for the Octane2 was also used for this system.

  • VPro10 32 MegaBytes RAM
  • VPro12 128 MegaBytes RAM
  • for V12: DualChannel option (2 DVI-I ports)


Fuel comes with no soundoption installed, however the system can be expanded with PCI or USB soundcards.

IRIX support

IRIX Versions from 6.5.17 up to the latest overlay (6.5.30 at this time) are supported on this machine. Firewire support became functional around 6.5.27

Add-on options

Digital Media

  • DM3 High-Definition and Standard-Definition Digital I/O
  • DM5 High-Definition and Standard-Definition Graphics-to-Video Output
  • DM6 Standard-Definition Digital I/O
  • DM8 Audio Card
  • DM10 1394 (FireWire) Card. 400 Mbps

Audio PCI Cards

  • M-audio Revolution 7.1 PCI card
  • RAD Digital Audio PCI card 3.3 volt cards only! SGI Part # 030-1441-001 & SGI Part # 030-1649-001
  • Creative Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS


  • SGI 2-Port PCIX Ultra320 SCSI LVD/SE HBA - SGI Part # PCIX-SCSI-U4-2P
  • Qlogic QLA-1080
  • Qlogic QLA-1280
  • Qlogic QLA-10160
  • Qlogic QLA-12160

Fibre Channel:

  • Qlogic QLA-2200

Gigabit Ethernet PCI Cards:

  • Alteon ACEnic 10/100/1000*
  • Compaq NC7770 Gigabit Server Adapter* (Tigon3 chipset)
  • 3Com 3C996 10/100/1000 PCI-X Server Network Interface Card* (Tigon3 chipset)
* see here for hacking instructions

USB Devices

  • Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer USB
  • Apple Mighty Mouse
  • Apple Pro-Keyboard
  • IBM Preferred USB Keyboard
  • Griffin iMic and iMic2
  • Telex USB audio device
  • Apple iMac Graphite USB keyboard
  • Logitech TrackMan Wheel USB mouse (scroll supported) - on O3200, should work on Fuel too?
  • Sony VAIO USB mouse
* See here for info on setting ioconfig.conf. Use man usbinput.

Further reading

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