O2 Diagnostics: The Jumpstart Procedure

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Jumpstarting the O2 workstation

Sometimes the O2 won't power up. Even if there was no mains/surge problem and everything seemed fine when you shut it down. Unless the PSU is fried you can force the O2 to power up by covering the "PWR-UP" jumper on the motherboard.

Locating the PWR-UP jumper

If you remove the PCI riser and lay the carrier down with the logic board facing up (with the memory slots to the left and the i/o panel facing you), the Dallas chip is right behind the serial ports but before the Adaptec chip. The jumper is immediately to the left of the Dallas chip. On the logic boards I have, the words "PWR-UP" are silkscreened on the logic board next to the jumper.

PWR-UP jumper.jpg

How to Jumpstart the O2

  1. Disconnect the power cord - Then remove the logic board carrier.
  2. Place the jumper across both pins of "PWR-UP" (right next to the DALAS chip).
  3. Re-install the logic baord carrier assembly into the O2.
  4. Plug in the power cord - the system should power up as soon as power is connected.
  5. Stop in the PROM command monitor - type off <enter> -the system should power down.
  6. Disconnect the power cord - Then remove the logic board carrier.
  7. Remove the jumper and place it on only one of the two header pins.
  8. Re-install the logic board carrier assembly into the O2.
  9. Reconnect the power cord and test for normal start up.

The jumpstart procedure should power up the O2 as soon as you plug it to mains. If it won't power up then (99.99%) the PSU is dead and you have to find a replacement.