I just bought an SGI and it does not work (usually 1st post)

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  • Yes you will need a Synch On Green Monitor for most SGI machines. SUN and SGI 13W3 cables are not the same. Read 13w3 to VGA.
  • Start out by cleaning and re-seating all of the boards (memory, processor, IP30, graphics) DON'T touch the flat connectors on the "front" of the boards because these can be easily damaged.
  • Narrow things down as much as possible. Have only one variable active. Eliminate things as much as possible test things on other systems if possible.
  • whichever machine you have, go to techpubs.sgi.com and click on the hardware link and then type the machine model name into the text box. Read as much as you can from techpubs.sgi.com .

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