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These hinv listings are important in a number of ways:

  • They can be useful records of factory configurations
  • They provide useful compatibility information about non-factory configurations
  • They can help identify working or incompatible firmware or board-level revisions
  • They provide fun hints of what's possible to somebody thinking of buying one
  • Mining these listings can help solve problems posted in other forums

So for all of these reasons, as well as a little healthy bragging about your shiny new toy, please consider posting and maintaining a "hinv" thread for your SGI machines.

Your thread topic or subject should follow this general format: Model, CPU(s), RAM, graphics, storage, and other options. Some examples:

Within the body you can talk about how you acquired the machine and what you'd like to do with it, but please include as much of the following as possible/applicable:

  • hinv -v (-vm if you can)
  • gfxinfo -v (-vv if possible)
  • uname -a (-aR if appropriate)
  • scsicontrol -i /dev/scsi/* (change path as needed)
  • /sbin/diskpatch -v
  • L1/L2 serial all
  • L1/L2 flash status
  • L1/L2 env
  • L1/L2 pci

Enclosing the output from these commands in "Code" blocks using the "full editor" can help keep things organized and easily readable. Also consider checking the "Disable smilies" option below the editing window, as some machine output may be interpreted as a smiley and won't display properly otherwise.

Pictures of the machine(s) are encouraged, but please keep in mind the fact that the board doesn't have infinite storage. Unless you're posting a detailed close-up for a specific reason, consider limiting your image to at most 1k pixels high or wide, and use an image format that supports compression like JPEG. Posting a 10MB RAW or JPEG image straight from the camera means some poor moderator will have to download it, reduce the size, and then replace it - best to keep "creative control" and edit it before you upload it. ;)

These tips developed over time, but originated here: [1]