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A board in Infinite Reality2 system

The DG5-2 Display Generator board contains hardware to drive up to two video outputs, which may be expanded to eight video outputs with an optional daughterboard, a configuration known as the DG5-8. The outputs are independent and each output has hardware for generating video timing, video resizing, gamma correction and digital-to-analog conversion. Digital-to-analog conversion is provided by 8-bit digital-to-analog converters that support a pixel clock frequency up to 220 MHz.

Data for the video outputs are provided by four ASICs that de-serialize and de-interleave the 160-bit streams into 10-bit component RGBA, 12-bit component RBGA, L16, Stereo Field Sequential (FS) or color indexes. The hardware also incorporates the cursor at this stage. A 32,768 color index map entries are available.

KTown -> Geometry Engine -> Raster manager -> Display generator

2 and 8 display versions:

  • DG5-2
  • DG5-8