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SGI Origin 350 technical server.

The Chimera family (IP53) is a family of SGI systems, including Origin 350, Onyx 350, and the Tezro Rackmount. All three systems have the same basic hardware - one to four R14K to R16K CPUs ranging from 600Mhz to 1Ghz, and DDR "Origin 3-series" RAM. The Origin 350 (Chimera Server) with a VPro card or attached graphics module becomes the Onyx 350 (ChiBlade), and the ChiBlade can be configured into a Chimera Rackmount Workstation (Tezro Rack) using the L1's make rmws 1 command. The Chimera Rackmount Workstation can only accept remote serial numbers with the "P" prefix, and therefore cannot be connected to a NUMALink router brick.

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