BOINC install and configuration

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BOINC is an open-source software platform for computing using volunteered resources.

Starting with BOINC and SETI:

1. Download and install the BOINC Client tardist from the Nekoware repository.

2. Register with SETI@home to obtain an account key.

3. Run it with the invocation arguments '-attach_project <account key>'

4. - Let it run through the CPU benchmarks, etc and stop it when it quiets down.

5. - Install the SETI tardist from your favorite Nekoware repository.

6. - Blank the 'min_rpc_time' number in the client_state.xml and rerun the client.

Notes and Errata

Make sure you run the client from: /usr/nekoware/boinc

Special thanks to: nvukovlj, Nekonoko, Dr. Dave and others.

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Pertinent discussion is available here