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[[Image:altix-350-header.jpg|thumbnail|Industry Leading Performance...]]
[[Image:altix-350-brick-white.jpg|thumbnail|A single Altix 350 node]]
[[Image:altix-350-brick-white.jpg|thumbnail|A single Altix 350 node]]
[[Image:altix-350-half-rack.jpg|thumbnail|Half rack of Altix 350 nodes]]
[[Image:altix-350-half-rack.jpg|thumbnail|Half rack of Altix 350 nodes]]

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Industry Leading Performance...
A single Altix 350 node
Half rack of Altix 350 nodes
A full rack of Altix 350 nodes and two routers

This page captures information specific to the Altix 350 model. Please see the very detailed Altix series overview page.

General Information

SGI Introduced the Altix 350 model at LinuxWorld in New York on January 20th, 2004. This model was a midrange complement to the Altix 3000 line introduced the previous year, and could be configured with as few as two Itanium 2 CPUs in a single 2U node or "brick," or as many as 32 CPUs in a full 42U rack. Meanwhile the 350 provides the same single system image and software features found in the larger configurations, and runs the same operating systems and applications. The model was also offered as a cluster node using Ethernet and Infiniband interconnects.

System Architecture

CPU Options

The Altix 350 was originally offered with 1.x GHz Itanium2 processors, but have been fitted with all subsequent variants up through the 1.6 GHz

Memory Subsystem

I/O Subsystem

Add-On Options

Hard Drive Carriers


The Origin/Onyx 350, Prism, Altix 350, and Altix 450/4x00 all use the same drive carriers. These are standard parts used by a number of manufacturers, notably Intel's SC5200, SRSH4, SR1300/2300, and SR1400/2400 and Sun's v60x and v65x servers.

The units carry "Assy A65278-00x" on a sticker, where the "-00x" may end in any digit though "-005" seems common. This assembly number can be useful when searching for parts in the Internet. According to SR1300/SR2300 support documents at intel.com, the Intel accessory part number for the drive carrier is FXX2DRVCARBLK, UPC code "7 35858 14621 0" and "MM #" 835853. However note that there is some indication that Intel may recycle these accessory part numbers in the FXX- form between different models.

As of early 2011 these drive sleds are commonly available on eBay for US$10.

Forum Threads About Origin 350 Drive Carriers

Operating Systems

The Altix 350 is supported by both RedHat Advanced Server / Enterprise Linux, and SuSE Enterprise Linux.

Further Reading

External References

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