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Use chkconfig to make sure that visuallogin is set to on and noiconlogin to off. The icons (SGI RGB format, at least 100x100 pixels) can be placed in the following locations:


$USER is the loginname of the user, $HOME the home directory.

Remember, no file extension is needed after the name of the image. $USER is not a directory, but an actual rgb image file with the name of the account that it will use during visual login.

Courtesy of Gerhard Lenerz.

Visual Login Banner

You can display a banner instead of user account icons by

chkconfig visuallogin on
chkconfig noiconlogin on

and replacing the stand SGI (RGB) image in /usr/Cadmin/images/cloginlogo.rgb an image of your choice. See the man page for clogin(1) for more details.

External link

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