Pictures of SGI hardware.

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IRIS 2400 Turbo Picture 2, and pic 3 Courtesy of Wayne Craig
Dials and Buttons (input device). Courtesy Wayne Craig
Personal Iris 4D/35 Courtesy of Nelson Kick
Iris File SCSI Expander for PI. Courtesy of José Pedro Sousa do Amaral
Power Series 4D/340 Skywriter, and 4D/340 server Courtesy of Skywriter
4D/340 Skywriter Courtesy of Akira
Indigo R3000
Indigo R4000 Elan
Indigo R4000 and somewhat rare Hitachi CM2198 monitor. Courtesy of Akira
Indy and granite GDM17E11 monitor
Indyballs! - rare. Only shipped with first Indys
Indy R5000SC-180 CPU module without heatsink
Indy R5000SC-180 CPU upgrade kit
Indy insides with Nidec PS, 24 bit XL. Courtesy of Monkeyboy
Indy Webforce front Courtesy of Monkeyboy
Indy Webforce badge Courtesy of Monkeyboy
Indigo 2 (teal)
Indigo 2 (teal)
Indigo 2 (teal) and GDM17E11 monitor
Indigo 2 (teal, on vertical floor stands) Courtesy of Nelson Kick
Indigo 2 (purple, on vertical floor stands)
Indigo 2 (purple, on vertical floor stands)
Indigo 2 (Impact)
Rack mount Onyx Courtesy Roland Griffin
Deskside Onyx Courtesy Roland Griffin
Onyx 2 and Deskside Onyx 2
Onyx and tasty supper, note tools in foreground. Courtesy Roy Obenchain
Virtual Farming Solutions by Megarat Advanced Research Labs. Photo courtesy of Rozarii Lynch.
Virtual Farming Solutions - with VR "Plague of Locusts" plugin. Photo courtesy of Rozarii Lynch.
O2 and granite GDM17E21 monitor
Bare O2
O2 and Octane
Octane and GDM20E21 monitor
Octane with front bezel removed
Octane rear view
Octane transplant surgery Courtesy Nick Ericson
Octane transplant surgery, Pt. 2 Courtesy Nick Ericson
3 Crimsons and a nice rug Courtesy Skywriter
Woman on beach with SGI tattoo
Challenge S
Challenge S innards
2 Challenge S Servers
Tandem labeled Challenge S
Tandem label on bottom of Challenge S
Challenge L
Origin 2000, 32 250 MHz. R10K CPUs, 16GB RAM, located in Poland
Power Series 4D/310 VGXCourtesy Craig Magaret