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Live picture of Mt. Meeker (L), and Long's Peak (R), elev. 14,255 feet (4,344 meters) in Rocky Mountain National Park. Picture taken from approx. 5 mi. South of Berthoud, CO. Summit of Long's is about 30 mi. due West of camera location, which is 5,020 feet (1,530 meters). Click on picture above for popup of large image (1024x768). Note - Popup windows must be enabled in your web browser.

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Longs Peak

Longs Peak (or Long's Peak, see below) is one of the 54 "fourteeners" in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It can be prominently seen from Longmont, Colorado, as well as from the rest of the Colorado Front Range piedmont. It is named after Major Stephen Long, who explored the area in the 1820s. It is very popular to climb, but considered one of the harder fourteeners, due to the tremendous length of the hike.

About the mountain

Longs Peak rises to 14,259 feet (4,346 meters) above sea level. Surveys conducted prior to 2002 list the elevation as 14,255 feet (4,344 m). When taken with its neighbor Mount Meeker, they are sometimes referred to as the Twin Peaks. This is not to be confused with another pair of mountains, called the Twin Sisters. As the only fourteener in Rocky Mountain National Park, the peak has long been of interest to climbers. The easiest route is not "technical" during the summer season, and was probably first used by American Indians collecting eagle feathers, but the first recorded ascent was in 1868 by the surveying party of John Wesley Powell. The East Face of the mountain is quite steep, and is surmounted by a gigantic sheer cliff known as "The Diamond" (so-named because of its shape, approximately that of a cut diamond seen from the side and inverted). Another famous profile belongs to Longs Peak: to the southeast of the summit is a series of rises which, when viewed from the northeast, resembles a beaver. The first proposal to climb the Diamond, in 1954, was met with an official closure by the National Park Service, a stance not changed until 1960. The Diamond was first ascended by Dave Rearick and Bob Kamps that year, and the route was listed in Allen Steck and Steve Roper's influential book Fifty Classic Climbs of North America. The easiest route on the face, the "Casual Route" (5.10-), was climbed many years later and became the most popular route up the wall.

Longs, or Long's ?

As with Pikes Peak, there is officially no apostrophe in the name, although a number of Colorado residents continue to object to this ruling by the Board on Geographic Names


Current Weather Conditions at NCAR's Foothills Lab , located about 25 mi. SW of the camera site.
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About the Repcam

17 Nov. 2008. I am not very impressed with Netgear routers. I am using one for connection between two networks, one of which the Repcam is connected to, the other is connected to the internet. I was using a Netgear WBR2310, and a Linksys something or other. The Netgear appeared to die last week, all lights on the front panel on continuously. I checked it out tonight, and it said it needed a firmware upload. So, I get the current version of the firmware, 1.05, and upload it to the router. It doesn't even boot, confirming my suspicion that the router had died. On a whim, I tried version 1.04 of the firmware. What the... ??? The Netgear booted right up. Hmmm.... Not very re-assuring. We'll see if it lasts... to be continued...
Repcam has been in continuous operation since September, 1997, and at its current location in Berthoud, Colorado, since Dec. 29, 2004. From Sep. 18, 1997 to Aug. 28, 2003, the Repcam was in North Boulder, CO, pointing at Bow Mountain. From Dec. 23, 2003 to Nov. 11, 2004, the Repcam was in South Longmont, CO, pointing at Longs Peak. From Jan 3, 2005 through the present, the Repcam has been at its present location in Berthoud, CO, pointing at Longs Peak. Due to a server change, the noon pictures were not archived in 2006 and the first half of 2007. On June 27, 2007, the repcam was replaced with a Canon S200 2.1 megapixel digital camera, running the pic2page webcam software. This gives MUCH higher quality (and resolution) pictures than the digitized composite video output of a Sony 8mm HandyCam, or the Toshiba wireless webcam used in previous incarnations of the Repcam. We also sell this system. A complete system including dedicated Pentium 4 computer, Canon 4 Megapixel digital camera in weatherproof housing, software licenses, and a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) sells for US$575.00. Site requirements are standard AC power (115VAC, 60Hz), an internet connection (ethernet), and a web server or hosting package to upload the pictures to. Alternately, you can use the computer as a web server, using Apache for Windows, but this is not recommended for high volume web traffic. Please send me an email if you are interested.

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