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  • nekonoko: "Rainbow" was just a nickname for TOS 1.4/1.04, so named read more
  • I am curious about this TOS, is this basically an read more
  • gsteemso: I am the guy who started the Seattle meetings, and read more
  • josehill: No problem, neko. I knew it wasn't intentional, and I'm read more
  • blakespot: I have one of these. Used it as as serial read more
  • blakespot: I have one of these as well. Wonderful. I could read more
  • Watzman: I am seeking information on the JTM 16K memory cards. read more
  • milatchi: S_I read more
  • nekonoko: Thanks for the comments! The system isn't for sale at read more
  • Sérgio M. De Iudicibus: Hello, Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for your read more

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